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Get stocked up on the 3D props you tear up the most. We carry Wood and Carbon Fiber Props for gas planes. Unbelievable performance at a low price!

Braided Expandable Wire Sleeving:
Purchase by the foot in a variety of sizes. Protect wires when routing it through your model. Protect glow fuel or tygon tubing. Protect spark plug wires. Expands up to 150%. Resists Gasoline, Nitro Fuel, Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents.

Authentic VELCRO Brand Products:
Purchase VELCRO® Brand products by the foot. We have One Wrap Velcro Tape and Sticky-Backed Velcro available. Secure wires in place, secure fuel tanks in your model, secure camera pods to aircraft, wrap receivers, or hold down batteries.

FREE Rewards Program:
Earn points for every order you place. Use your points to buy more. We want you to keep coming back. Click here to learn more.